WATCH: Charlie Gard Family Friend Sends Urgent Message to Trump: ‘Please Save This Baby’

Maria Tatalovic sent an urgent message to U.S. President Donald Trump to talk with British doctors and lawmakers on behalf of baby Charlie Gard whose family wants to seek treatment for his condition in the U.S.

Ms. Tatalovic appeared on former UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s LBC radio programme pleading with the American president to help intervene in the case of baby Charlie Gard who is due to have his life support removed in Britain.

“President Trump, I never thought I would actually direct a message to you, but please save this baby,” she said.

“We just need him to be released, transferred and receive treatment which will be paid for. We’re not asking for anyone to treat [Charlie] who doesn’t want to,” she added.

“It’s about choice, it’s about parental rights, it’s about human rights and it’s about the right to life for this baby who deserves it.”

Young Charlie suffers from a rare genetic condition and sought treatment in the U.S. after NHS health practitioners claimed he should be taken off life support. The parents of Charlie took the doctors to court in a case that went all the way up to the European Court of Human rights but the doctors’ decision was upheld.

Speaking to Raheem Kassam, standing in for Sean Hannity as guest host of the Sean Hannity Show Friday, Ms. Tatalovic again spoke out for baby Charlie, saying how his mother had been “ambushed” by senior hospital staff including the CEO, who she described as being “absolutely not flexible and absolutely not willing to work with the family”, and said that the hospital sought to “impose their decision” on the future of Charlie’s life on the family.

Making her appeal on live radio across the U.S., Ms Tatalovic said: ” Please help us in getting Charlie Gard released from this hospital.

“This cannot be happening on our watch in the United Kingdom, in an enlightened country where we are told we have choice, basic human rights the right to life, the right to privacy, the right to family life, and the right to liberty. This is all being contravened and breached in this situation.”

Tatalovic criticised the “bureaucracy” of Britain’s healthcare system “taking over”, remarking that procedure was overruling the “best interests of a baby”, which was leading the system to “terminate the life of this baby”.

Correcting some common misconceptions about the condition of Charlie Gard which have been widely reported in the global press, Ms. Tatalovic said Charlie was responsive and didn’t require full life support. Explaining how he needed help breathing but not full oxygen, she said of the daily visits she has made to his bedside for the past two months:

…he is only attached to a breathing tube, which only pumps air into his lungs. He’s not on oxygen.

He is only fed through a tube, but he isn’t in an incubator. He’s lying in a bed, we all have access to him, we all stroke his head. We hold his hand, we massaging him, we hold his hand, we change his position. What is not correct from the newspaper coverage is that he doesn’t open his eyes. He has opened his eyes on pretty much every occasion that I have been there… also the statement that he is in pain… the supreme court themselves said they do not know whether he is in pain or not… from my experience Charlie is not in pain.

He has not been on painkillers for the majority of the time… he is extremely stable, that is the most shocking thing. He is alive, he is growing, he is developing, his hair is growing, his nails are growing. He is warm, he is completely stable, he hasn’t had a single infection.

He hasn’t been on antibiotics — and to now pro-actively want to terminate a life, which the hospital actually has a choice whether they will do that or not. The order doesn’t actually oblige the hospital to do anything, they have a choice.

LISTEN: Maria Tatalovic speaks to Sean Hannity Show guest host and Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam:



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