Cologne: Two Child Sex Attacks In Two Weeks At Cologne Swimming Pools

Child Sex Attacks

Despite having been initially reported as an isolated incident, a migrant gang sex attack on a 12 year old child on Sunday was actually the second at a pool in the same city in two weeks.

In Cologne, the city of the infamous New Year’s Eve attacks, a 12 year-old girl was sexually attacked by migrants on Sunday. Six migrant men touched the girl in a way described as “indecent”, and police have told the German media that they are investigating the matter on suspicion of sexual abuse, reports Spiegel.

Now serious questions will be asked of the management of the pool, who promised just two weeks before they would be investigating the situation after the father of another two young girls, aged 10 and 12, came forward to complain about abuse. Cologne’s Express reports the previous attack at another pool in the city managed by the same company was a “similar case”, suggesting the same group of men may have been returning to the baths to prey on young girls.

The migrants from Sunday’s attack were taken into custody by police shortly after the young girl escaped their clutches and ran to a lifeguard, who took care of the “frightened” child. The 12 year old claimed that the six men had cornered her at the end of a water slide causing a jam, and then seized the opportunity to put their hands into her bathing suit.

Similar ‘swarm’ tactics were observed to be used by the Cologne attackers, who would gang up around women and sexually abuse them from all angles.

Located in the Zündorf district, the pool management told media there were six suspects arrested at the scene and that the men involved were aged 17 to around 45 years. A police spokesperson said, there is suspicion that the men may have been molesting other children, and they had separate reports on the same day from others claiming that they were touched inappropriately by the same gang of men.

Five of the six men involved in the assault are from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan, and police confirmed that the five were all asylum seekers that had likely come into the country since last year. The men are all reportedly living in asylum homes in the Cologne area.

Breitbart London has reported at length regarding the problem with migrants at public pools and sexual assaults. In Bornheim a pool tried to ban migrants from coming in entirely after a group of men molested at least four underage girls at the pool over the course of a single day.

The company was forced to back off on the attempted ban only 24 hours after the attacks because of heavy criticism by many like the director of the North Rhine-Westphalia Refugee Council who said that such a ban would be discriminatory toward the migrants. The initial idea for the ban was to allow the newcomers to Germany a chance to integrate into the culture and learn that in Germany such actions are not only disapproved of but illegal.

Another pool in Norderstedt is tackling the problem by hiring plain clothes guards to watch out for sexual incidents involving migrants and are even thinking of segregating the pool between genders entirely, as is often the case in Middle Eastern countries, leading many to question if migrants are adapting into Germany or if Germany is adapting to Middle Eastern culture.


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