Ted Cruz Dominates Wyoming Caucus

Photo: Breitbart Texas/Bob Price

On Saturday, Wyoming Republicans voted in county caucuses to elect delegates to the Republican convention. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz dominated the vote, winning 66 percent support.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was a very distant second, with 19 percent support. GOP frontrunner Donald Trump was third, with just seven percent support.

The votes cast weren’t for the candidates, directly, but, rather, for individual delegates who announced whom they were supporting. Still, the delegates elected in these votes become part of the state’s 29 delegates to the Republican convention.

The caucus vote on Saturday awards 12 delegates. Another 14 delegates are awarded at a state convention in April. Delegates have to announce to both the county and state conventions which candidate they will support at the RNC convention.

The final three delegates are reserved for the state Republican chair and other officials. These delegates are not committed to any particular candidate.

Ted Cruz won nine of the 12 delegates available on Saturday. Marco Rubio and Donald Trump each won one delegate. Another delegate will attend the convention uncommitted to any specific candidate.

The District of Columbia and Guam also hold contests on Saturday. With the victory in Wyoming, Cruz has a net gain of eight delegates in his contest with Donald Trump.