Major Garrett Rips Into Jay Carney for Dodging Susan Rice Question

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney refused to answer questions about a possible conflict with Ambassador Susan Rice and her husband’s investment in Canadian oil companies, including the company that was responsible for the Keystone pipeline that was blocked by the President earlier this year.

This is a good start for Major Garrett and his new gig as White House correspondent for CBS News. Garrett proved himself to be a terrific reporter at Fox News, and hopefully that’s why CBS hired him. CBS could certainly use a touch of that Major Garrett, not the other way around.

Today Garrett asked White House spokesman Jay Carney about a possible financial conflict of interest with Susan Rice and her husband’s investments — a conflict that has nothing to do with Libya or any possible nomination to Secretary of State.

The context of the question was within the framework of Rice’s current position as U.N. Ambassador and a member of President Obama’s cabinet. But…

Watch below as Carney uses the tragedy in Libya in a completely new way: as a smokescreen to not answer the question.

Then watch Garrett get angry.

Then watch Carney again use Libya as an excuse not to answer the question:



Here’s hoping we see more of this kind of aggression from Garrett and that he reframes the question so he can get the answer at the next briefing.