Andrew Breitbart Gives His 2012 'Dream Ticket'-Interview

Conservative New Media Mogul and every liberals’ worst nightmare Andrew Breitbart took a few minutes (46 minutes, actually) to discuss what’s new and and what’s his take on topics ranging from the 2012 Presidential election, the “Mainstream” Media, and the disservice the media is doing to the Latino community by painting Republicans/Conservatives as ‘anti-hispanic’.

 In Part I of  the interview, Breitbart spells out what type of Presidential candidate he would like to see run against President Obama.  Breitbart then starts dropping names of his ‘favorites’ that he would like to see run. Breitbart’s “Dream Ticket” for 2012 would feature Congressman Allen West and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann.  Breitbart also mentions other candidates that he “deeply admires” in the “Tea Party Era”, including Herman Cain and Senator Marco Rubio.

 **Update – I spoke to Andrew Breitbart earlier today and he mentioned to me  that he did not mean to leave out Governor Sarah Palin from his list of favorites.Breitbart has the utmost respect for her, and considers her a great potential Presidential candidate as well.

Original interview by The Shark Tank