Cyber Beat: Daily Roundup of Social Media and Tech Stories 3/25

 Today’s top stories in social media and technology include social media public shaming that’s gotten out of control, Mayor Bloomberg tells people to think before they tweet, meeting strangers online, several cyberstalking and harassment cases, how criminals use your Facebook ‘likes,’ update on the cyberattack on South Korea, petitioning for Congress to wear their corporate-sponsored logos, Prenda Law firm copyright trolls update, video game/internet addiction and depression, video game retailers pass FTC secret shopper tests with flying colors, and how an illegal immigrant used his Xbox logs to qualify for amnesty.

Read below for these stories and more.

Social Media Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

The writer’s account of a few of the details surrounding “donglegate” are slightly off (i.e. the developers later explained that Ms. Richards misunderstood one of their comments about “forking” as a sexual reference when it was not), but the sentiment of this article in general contains some very salient points.

Social Media-Based Public Shaming Has Gotten Out of Control

It would seem to me that much of the general public has had their fill of Bloomberg’s “advice” these days.

Bloomberg Plays Social Media Guru, Says Media Mogul Murdoch ‘Should Stop Twittering’

Like much everything else, there are pros and cons – but the cons can be dangerous.

Generation Naïve: Why Young People Can’t Help Falling for Strangers Online

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

As seems unfortunately typical in these cases these days, policeinitially didn’t seem interested in helping the woman and didn’tinvestigate.  It was only after she hired her own private investigatorand went to the county prosecutor’s office that any law enforcementofficials took action. 

Prosecutor says he’ll investigate leak of racy e-mails between assemblyman, woman

And another case of stalking…

CEO of East Windsor technology company accused of online harassment, stalking

Criminals can garner a lot of information from what you ‘like’ on Facebook.

Social media security: Why online criminals ‘like’ our ‘likes’

Earlier reports stated that the attack came from China, but after the rush to publish information and further investigation, South Korea now says that information was erroneous.

South Korea cyberattack traced to U.S. and Europe, not China


Law and Order.

It’s like NASCAR sponsors, but for Congress.  Hilarious.

Petition Submitted To Require Congress To Wear The Logos Of Their Corporate Donors

Prenda Law copyright trolls update: ‘Judge has labeled Paul Hansmeier’s class action tactics as “bold and improper”‘

Prenda lawyer has a history of unusual class action clients




‘Video game addiction will be acknowledged for the first time in the updated edition of the American Psychological Association diagnostic manual, DSM-5, out in May.’  Also, before you read too much into the headline and blame everything on video games – the article does at least note that video games themselves don’t necessarily cause such behaviors, there is usually an underlying condition or issue that makes the individual more susceptible to depression and other conditions.

Video game addiction and other Internet compulsive disorders mask depression, anxiety, learning disabilities

An International Trade Commission judge has dismissed Google’s claims that Microsoft’s Xbox had violated several of its patents.

ITC Dismisses Google Patent Claims Against Xbox 360

The results of a Federal Trade Commission secret shopper investigation revealed that 90% of underage customers were turned away from being able to purchase video games rated M for mature.  This is an important finding, given lawmakers’ increased scrutiny of the video game industry in the wake of recent events such as the Newtown shootings.

Video game ratings are widely enforced in stores, FTC finds

Without a job, this illegal immigrant couldn’t prove his residency for the last 5 years, as is required by Obama’s “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival” plan for those who have been in the country before they were 16 years of age.  That’s where he and his lawyer got creative – his Xbox logs came in handy.

Illegal immigrant uses video game log to qualify for Obama’s amnesty