Is it Time to Address the SWATtings Yet, Attorney General Holder?

Radio personality and TV host Ryan Seacrest is the latest victim today in the seemingly never-ending string of SWATtings.

Let’s revisit, for a moment, shall we?

Miley Cyrus, 8/1/2012

Ashton Kutcher, 10/7/2012 
Justin Bieber, 10/10/2012 
Simon Cowell, 11/26/2012 
Tom Cruise, 1/17/2013 
Kardashian Family, 1/18/2013 
Chris Brown, 1/21/2013 
Clint Eastwood, 2/22/2013 
Paris Hilton, 3/23/2013 
Sean “Diddy” Combs,  4/3/2013 
Rianna, 4/4/2013 
Justin Timberlake, 4/5/2013 
Selena Gomez, 4/5/2013 
Russell Brand, 4/8/2013 


That’s 14 SWATtings in eight months.

At least four conservative bloggers were also SWATted over the course of a year, beginning just shortly after the Weinergate story first broke nearly two years ago.  Those four incidents prompted 85 members of Congress to demand action from the Department of Justice.

That brings it to 18.  And that’s a minimum count.  There have been claims of additional SWATtings and I am also sure there are likely other SWATtings that have occurred and simply haven’t been publicized.

To date, only one person has been identified in connection with any of the incidents, to our knowledge.  A 12 year old boy has been charged in connection with the SWATtings of Kutcher and Bieber, though the boy only admitted to the Kutcher SWATting.

Is it time yet, Attorney General Eric Holder?