Cyber Beat Daily: Weiner Can't Rule Out More Lewd Pics + The Day's Top Tech Stories

The day’s top stories in social media and technology for 4/24 include sexting quandaries, a blogger facing threats, the AP Twitter hack, Facebook and the ricin case, SWATting on steroids, Wikileaks’ court win, webcam spying denied, violent video game legislation, gaming convention scalpers, and an Xbox announcement.

Summary of stories: Anthony Weiner can’t rule out more lewd pics, Petraeus gets NYC college prof job, blogger vows not to quit exposing Mexico’s cartel violence, AP hack hurts Twitter brand, the weird feud at the center of the ricin letter case, from SWATting to extortionist fake hostage calls, WikiLeaks wins case against Visa contractor, FBI denied permission to spy on hacker through his webcam, NJ pushes for violent video game laws, Penny Arcade vs. scalpers, and the big Xbox reveal date is officially announced.


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Featured Story.

Anthony Weiner can’t say with certitude there aren’t more lewd photos out there.  And the Weiner truthers explode into conspiracy theory in 3…2…1…

Watch: Ex-N.Y. Congressman Anthony Weiner ‘can’t say’ no more sexts

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

Perhaps he’ll teach about email security…

Ex-CIA boss David Petraeus to be NYC college prof

Remember, this blogger temporarily shut down his accounts after being threatened, but he ultimately decided not to let the criminals win.

Anonymous blogger vows to expose Mexico’s drug cartel violence

Let’s hope Twitter starts figuring that out.

Hacking of Associated Press account endangers Twitter’s brand

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

The ricin letters “contained language identical to that found on Curtis’ Facebook page and other websites, making him an early suspect.”

Mississippi men at center of ricin letters case had feuded for years

As if SWATting wasn’t terrorizing enough, now they’re faking kidnappings to demand money – armed with lots of information about you and your family before they call.

Family warns of frightening phone hoax

Law and Order.

“WikiLeaks has previously accused ‘hard-right US politicians’ of orchestrating the “extrajudicial” banking blockade against it.”

WikiLeaks wins case against Visa contractor ordered to pay ‘$204k per month if blockade not lifted’

And people tease me for covering my webcam with a band-aid…

FBI denied permission to spy on hacker through his webcam


They can try, but pesky first amendment precedence might get in their way.

New Jersey ignores Supreme Court in pushing for violent game legislation

I wonder if they’re outgrowing Seattle.

Penny Arcade cracks down on suspected scalpers in wake of lightning-fast PAX Prime ticket sellout

And confirming one of the “worst kept secrets in tech”…

Next Xbox: Microsoft sets big reveal for May 21