Cyber Beat Daily: Threats From Anonymous Shut Down Gitmo Wi-Fi + The Day's Top Tech Stories

The day’s top stories in social media and technology for 5/21: Threats from Anonymous shut down Gitmo’s Wi-Fi, teens using Facebook less, social media is front line during disasters, Twitter toilet prank lands student in trouble, Teen Mom 2 star arrested in cyberstalking case, Wikileaks donations on the decline, NYPD detective accused of hacking and cyberstalking, epic social media meltdown prompts lawsuit threat, Bradley Manning offers deal on bin Laden evidence, presidential campaign intern appears in court for cyberstalking case, and the new Xbox was revealed today.

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Featured Story.

Amidst Anonymous’ #OpGTMO campaign, officials took preventive measures; hackers responded with, “You shut the Wi-Fi down in GTMO, we will shutdown Guantanamo.”

Anonymous Threatens Gitmo, U.S. Locks Down Wi-Fi

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

Apparently teens are concered about privacy. I can’t imagine why.

Facebook waning, social media may have plateaued among teens, Pew study says

“Of those Americans effected by natural disasters, 76% used social media to contact friends and family; 37% of used social media to help find shelter and supplies; and 24% used social media to let loved ones know they’re safe.”

Why Social Media Is the Front Line of Disaster Response

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

Blowing up toilets? Is this what the kids are thinking up for fun these days?

Tempe Union student arrested after apparent toilet-threat Twitter prank


Would it be wrong of me to say I’m not surprised by this news?

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans arrested in cyberstalking case

A report blames the PayPal, MasterCard and Bank of America blockade for the decline, but perhaps it should also look at Assange’s appeal, or lack of it, these days.

WikiLeaks’ donations barely enough to keep the servers running

When cops date each other…

NYPD detective accused of cyberstalking ex-girlfriend & hacking emails of other cops because he thought she was cheating

Also, here’s the FBI press release on the case.


Law and Order.

From epic social media meltdown to cowering crazies in 60 seconds…

Social Media Darlings at Amy’s Baking Company Fear Lawsuit

Adam Savader had his initial court appearance Tuesday – his lawyer didn’t make it.

Former presidential campaign intern accused of cyberstalking appears in Detroit federal court

“It involves evidence that the slain al-Qaida leader saw some of the classified information that Manning has admitted he caused to be published on the WikiLeaks website.”

Deal On Bin Laden Evidence Made In WikiLeaks Case


The new Xbox was revealed today, and it’s pretty darn cool. See the livestream on demand:
Livestream at Engadget

Liveblog was here, for highlights.

Other links that outline the new features:

The New Xbox One Live Features Add Advanced Social Gaming Features That Could Lead To True MMORPG Experiences

Microsoft unveils new Xbox One console 

Xbox revealed: Experts on Microsoft’s next games console