FAA Will Ease In-Flight Electronics Restrictions

The WSJ is reporting that the FAA is close to easing certain restrictions on in-flight use of electronics during take-off (10,000 feet)  “A 28-member industry and government panel’s draft report strongly recommended relaxing blanket rules against electronics that have been in place since 1966 due to massive changes in technology since then.”

A committee reported that passengers often forget to turn off their electronics without any terrible consequences while flying.  

The FAA may be forced to act due to the sheer number of passengers flouting today’s rules. The experts who wrote the draft referred to recent industry research showing that nearly one-third of passengers reported that, at least once, they accidentally left some device on throughout a flight.

Most likely, certain devices such as e-readers, tablets and music players will get the green light.  Cell phones, however are not on the list and will probably remain restricted.