Cyber Beat Daily: Anger spreads more quickly than joy on social media + The Day’s Top Tech Picks

The day’s top picks in social media and technology for 9/17: angry tweets are most contagious; Grumpy Cat’s endorsement deal; anti-drunk-dialing gadget; Facebook’s suicide prevention resources; Chinese rebels deface government website with taunting desserts; TX man arrested for attempted hacking of county website; FISA court declassifies opinion on phone metadata use; Grand Theft Auto V competitor’s epic Twitter troll; man stabbed and robbed of Grand Theft Auto V game; bar bathroom features hands-free video game.

Read below for these stories and more.

Featured Story.

Researchers have found that angry tweets are more influential than those expressing joy, sadness or disgust.
Your Crappy Mood Is Contagious so Thanks a Lot for Tweeting About It

More at NBC News:
As your social media emotions go viral, anger spreads the fastest

Social Media/Tech Trends, Happenings and Faux Pas.

And I’m sure Tardar Sauce is just *thrilled* about it.
Internet-Famous ‘Grumpy Cat’ Just Landed An Endorsement Deal With Friskies

Or you could just delete their number, that works.
High-Tech Beer Holder Prevents You From Drunk-Dialing Your Ex

Users can report a concern to a friend of someone who has posted about suicide, and access suicide resources from the search bar and help section.
Facebook outlines suicide prevention resources as it plans PSA campaign in US, Canada, and the UK

Hoaxes, Harassment and Hacking.

Yummy cakes adorned with messages like “Overthrow CCP [Communist Party of China].”
Chinese rebels deface government website with subversive pastries

Accused of accessing a protected computer without authorization, in relation to more than 14,000 login attempts to the Hidalgo County website in Texas. 
FBI arrests local man with ties to hacker group Anonymous

Law and Order.

Blame it on the third-party doctrine.
Secret court declassifies opinion providing rationale for metadata sharing


This is hilarious.
Rival Epically Trolls ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ With Promoted Twitter Trend

Yeah, pre-order’s not a bad idea.
‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Fan Stabbed, Robbed At Midnight Launch Event

One word: Cleanup. (Or is that two?)
Take aim: Bar bathroom features hands-free video game


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