Al Qaeda On the Rise, Obama's People Blame Snowden

In response to Clapper: Al-Qaeda Not Really ‘On the Run’:

I was in D.C. at the time this committee hearing was going on (I was at the Holder one, where Cruz ate his lunch) but couldn’t attend. 

While he contradicts Obama, in regards to Al Qaeda, you knew that they would have to blame this whole Al Qaeda threat on someone-Snowden.

James Clapper explained that Al-Qaeda is probably a larger threat than ever because the terror group is “much more globally dispersed” and because of intelligence leaks by Edward Snowden.  Clapper made his statements before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

(Didn’t Clapper lie to Congress? Does anyone believe what he says when he testifies under oath?)

In further testimony Clapper stated that NSA leaker Edward Snowden caused “profound damage,” and terrorists are “going to school” on U.S. surveillance methods. 


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