Illegal Alien, Convicted Cartel Kidnapper Charged in Texas Double Execution

Martin Casimiro Margarito
Photo: McAllen Police Department

McALLEN, Texas—A previously convicted cartel kidnapper and illegal alien has been charged in connection with a double execution in Texas tied to a cartel-affiliated, human-smuggling organization.

Martin Casimiro Margarito, a 29-year old criminal alien from Mexico in federal prison, has been identified by the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office as one of the men responsible for an October 2014 kidnapping and double execution in the border city of Pharr.

As previously reported by Breitbart Texas, three large Hispanic men had forced 39-year-old Elia Margarita Flores out of a black pickup truck in a broad daylight kidnapping in that border city.

Soon after authorities learned that the truck driven by Flores belonged to 24-year-old Victor Manuel Garcia who had also been kidnapped.

On November 4, authorities recovered Garcia’s body in a rural area; the remains had been stuffed inside trash bags and dumped in a northern part of Hidalgo County. Just six days later authorities also discovered Flores’ decomposed body in a rural area near the border city of Donna.

At the time of the murders, Breitbart Texas had spoken with Hidalgo County Sheriff’s investigators who confirmed that the two victims in the case had ties to drug and human smuggling activity.

When authorities announced the capital murder warrant for Margarito they confirmed that the motive was tied to a “criminal organization tied to human smuggling.”

While authorities have not identified the criminal organization, Breitbart Texas previously reported that Mexico’s Gulf Cartel had made more than $38 million in just a few months during last year’s humanitarian crisis. It was during that crisis that the Gulf Cartel not only profited from human smuggling but also used it as a way to keep law enforcement occupied while they pushed their drug loads with few obstacles.

Authorities will not have to travel far to bring Margarito to justice since, as Breitbart Texas previously reported, he is currently in federal custody following his guilty plea in May to having taken part in a cartel-ordered kidnapping.

Margarito pleaded guilty to working for a Mexican drug boss who had ordered him to collect a $300,000 drug debt from two men in the border city of McAllen.


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