Texas Woman Crashed During 120 MPH Street Race with Baby in Car, Say Police

Beaty Car Crash
Photo Fox 4 Video Screenshot

A Texas woman is in jail after police say she crashed her car during a street race that exceeded 120 miles per hour — with an unrestrained baby in the back seat. Fortunately, the child escaped injury during the crash.

Police arrested 20-year-old Kierra Beaty early Sunday morning after she allegedly went street racing in her Crown Victoria. An arrest affidavit reported by Fox 4 in Dallas said the woman’s 13-month-old son was seated in the back-right seat without restraint in the lap of another passenger. After the vehicle struck two telephone poles and spun wildly across the roadway, the baby boy managed to escape without injury. Doctors treated and released Beaty with minor injuries. A third passenger broke her left ring finger and “will have a slight disfigurement” for the rest of her life.

The court documents accuse Beaty of driving about 120 miles per hour to catch up with another car she attempted to race. Police reported she exceeded the local speed limit by more than 50 miles per hour.

Police say the road is not one that is known for street racing.

Beaty now faces charges of endangering a child and street racing. After doctors released her from the hospital, police transported the young woman to the Dallas County jail to await bond or court proceedings.

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