Mexican Border Governor Claims State is One of the Safest as Gunmen Overpower Cops

Americo and AMLO
Tamaulipas Government

A convoy of Gulf Cartel gunmen surrounded a group of police officers and forced them to release their arrested comrades at gunpoint. The case took place on the same day that Tamaulipas governor publicly claimed that his state was seeing a decrease in violent crime and was currently one of the ten safest in the country.

On Friday afternoon, a group of more than two dozen Gulf Cartel gunmen riding in more than six SUVs surrounded a squad of Tamaulipas police officers. The gunmen held the police officers at gunpoint and demanded they release an unnamed cartel commander that had been arrested earlier in the day. In addition to the convoy of six vehicles, another convoy of 15 dark-colored SUVs rolled into the city from Valle Hermoso.

The gunmen rescued their members with complete impunity and left the scene.

Just hours earlier, Gulf Cartel gunmen set up a clandestine checkpoint on the outskirts of Reynosa along the highway that connects the border city with the capital Ciudad Victoria. According to government officials not authorized to speak with media, more than eight gunmen riding in four SUVs set up the checkpoint. The gunmen were all wearing tactical vests and carrying rifles as they checked travelers with complete impunity. A second checkpoint was also set up in the city of San Fernando.

The cartel rescue and the clandestine checkpoints came just hours after Tamaulipas Governor Americo Villarreal took to social media claiming that his state was seeing a decrease in crime and that the state was one of the ten safest in the nation.

As Breitbart Texas has reported, Villarreal has been singled out as having received campaign funding from the Gulf Cartel, the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas, and fuel theft organizations during his run for governor. After getting elected, state authorities pulled back from directly fighting cartel gunmen claiming to be trying to decrease violence. As a result, criminal organizations increased their control over major cities in the state and their pressure on local businessmen through extortion and kidnapping.

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