Little Girl’s Letter to Heaven Arrives in California: ‘I Miss You Dad’

Earth Atmosphere (Wikimedia Commons)
Wikimedia Commons

A little girl’s letter to Heaven, addressed to her deceased dad, found its way into the hands of a few good-hearted Samaritans who reciprocated her message of love with some of their own.

“Dear Dad, you have missed so much,” the letter started off. “Happy birthday Dad. I will always be your little girl dad, don’t forget that I miss you,” the little girl wrote in another part.

The star-shaped balloon on which the special note was penned was discovered 435 miles away in Northern California from its starting point in Southern California, in the parking lot of a burger joint named Local Heroes in Auburn, California.

And the local heroes who discovered the deflated star-shaped balloon noticed the writing on the back, according to local CBS News affiliate KOVR in Sacramento.

After reading the letter, they realized what they had in their possession, and Local Heroes owner Lisa Swisley said she became emotional. She read the name on the balloon and reportedly got in touch with the little girl using Facebook, notes KOVR. After that, she felt compelled to drive to the letter’s point of origin, in what she described as a long drive with “a lot of empty space in between. And how it got here, I don’t know.”

The little girl had asked for a sign to be sent her way from Heaven in the letter to her Dad and Lisa believed it arrived in her hands for a reason. So Lisa put together a fundraiser on Facebook asking for donations to be used towards putting together a care package for her, notes KOVR.

“She asked in the letter to send her a sign and so maybe it came here for a reason,” Lisa said.

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