Gutfeld: Obama 'Like a Husband Teasing Wife in Front of His Drunk Single Friends'

Gutfeld: Obama 'Like a Husband Teasing Wife in Front of His Drunk Single Friends'

During his Thursday monologue on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld criticized President Barack Obama for his tendency to disparage his country as a means of bolstering the United States’ image in front an international audience.

According to Gutfeld, Obama’s message of “it is us, not them” was detrimental, particularly when it comes to Obama’s own ability to be a leader.

“As we keep bombing ISIS, let’s remember it is us, not them,” Gutfeld said. “In an effort to justify that bombing to the U.N. the president threw America underneath that bus he always has parked nearby. Yes, he blamed all of us with Ferguson. And while the rest of the media seems to focus on our response to this rather than the appeasement itself, we get it – by saying we’re not so different, he diminished the actions of tyrants who played martyr to places like Qatar. But by doing so, he only placated the world’s most corrupt leaders because it’s only the corrupt who say, ‘Look to your own backyard first’ because they’re corrupt.”

“President Obama is like a husband teasing his wife in front of his drunk single friends,” he continued. “A sad attempt to relate that leaves his better half humiliated. We are that better half – the one he dreads. He truly prefers his mistress, the U.N. instead. I mean, he did go to the U.N. for approval, not to Congress — that is kind of like cheating. Obama aired our dirty laundry, hoping that it would attract alliances. But appeasement never work. The real world listens to us because we’re strong, not weak. And belittling your home in front of others is weak. The world knows that without America’s military and moral force that exceptional innovation, precision and sacrifice, the world would not exist. So I ask you, Mr. President, can you please, please stop ragging on us for one day or at least just not in front of strangers because it’s hard to get behind a president when he won’t get behind you.”

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