Eyewitness: Copenhagen Gunman Yelled What Sounded Like Arabic

Dennis Meyhoff Brink, who was a witness to a shooting at a free speech event in Copenhagen, said that he heard the shooter yell what he thought was Arabic during an interview with CNN on Saturday.

“When I heard the person yell in what I think was Arabic, at that point, I thought that it was probably some Islamist terrorists or something who wanted to kill Lars Vilks” he stated.

Brink also said that during the shooting, “we stayed inside were just hiding behind tables that were turned over and everything we could hide behind…we were just hoping that the assassinator wouldn’t get into the room. And after a few minutes, a person came into the room with a gun and we all panicked very much, but it turned out to be probably a person from the Danish Intelligence Services, at least he wasn’t interested in doing us any harm and he was just securing a different door. He was shot in leg though, we could see he was bleeding.”

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