MSNBC Guest: ‘A lot of People’ See Trump’s Message as ‘Make America White Again’

Saturday on MSNBC, Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi reacted to GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s campaign rallies, saying that people are seeing his true message as “Make America White Again” rather than his actual slogan “Make America Great Again.”

“I think a lot of people what they are saying is when they see these types of rallies, they see Donald Trump. Fundamentally, what is his message? ‘Make America Great Again’. I think the concern for some people is what he’s saying is ‘Make America White Again.’ That’s probably why you see these polarized reactions and this very passionate reaction,” Amandi told MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

Amandi went on to compare Trump’s environments to George Wallace’s environments, saying that “he knows what he’s doing.”

“Donald Trump is not ‘Johnny come lately.’ He knows what he’s doing. He knows that he’s stroking certain passions.”

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