SE Cupp: Trump Has ‘A Middle School Civics Class Understanding Of How We Elect a President’


Monday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” conservative columnist and commentator S. E. Cupp took a jab at GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump, describing him as someone who has “kind of like a middle school civics class understanding of how we elect a president.”

Cupp said, It’s very clear that Donald Trump and his team didn’t really either understand or anticipate the delegate process, the fights for delegates being important for this season. It’s important most election cycles. But Donald Trump seems to have kind of like a middle school civics class understanding of how we elect a president. It’s not just a, you know, popularity contest, much as he wishes it were. It’s also I think worth pointing out that for all of his complaints, he’s actually winning more delegates percentage wise than he is actual votes. The delegate system is benefiting Donald Trump tremendously. I think that complaining about the loss in Colorado is tactically dumb. It just points out the loss and politically dumb. It just has people looking sort of at the failure of your organization. These are not things that are sort of thrown together at the last minute. Donald Trump and his team should have been preparing for these delegate fights for months and months and months. And it seems to be something they’re trying to do now at the last minute.”

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