Dem Rep Green: ‘Impeachment Does Not Require a Crime’ – Congress Can Impeach for Behavior That Hurts Society

During an interview on SiriusXM Urban View’s “the Black Eagle” on Wednesday, Representative Al Green (D-TX) argued that the president doesn’t have to commit a crime in order to be impeached and Congress can impeach a president for behavior that impacts society negatively.

Green said he is continuing his call for the impeachment of President Trump from a few months before. He also announced he will bring impeachment articles to the floor next week.

Green continued, “[I]mpeachment does not require a crime to be committed. … That’s what some of these constitutional scholars have been confusing people with. Because they’re talking about what Mr. Mueller is doing, and he is investigating a crime. But, impeachment is a political remedy, and it simply means removal from office. It carries no criminal penalty. … But, regardless as to what Mr. Mueller does, the Congress can still impeach the president for his behavior that has an adverse impact on society. That is what impeachment is all about, a president who is unfit to serve because he has done things that would be harmful to society.”

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