WATCH: Canadian Woman Attempting to Escape Police Falls Through Ceiling

A Canadian woman’s plan to escape the police after allegedly making a fraudulent purchase fell through when she came crashing down through a grocery store’s ceiling, surveillance video released Thursday shows.

The video shows a woman trying to escape the authorities by climbing through the vents of the King Street Reddi Mart in Alberta, Canada, on Monday before she fell back into the store.

CTV News reported the woman’s foiled escape plan began when the woman and her male companion allegedly tried to purchase an item using stolen credit cards.

Bhagwant Chauhan, the store’s owner, said the couple had been loitering outside the store for hours before entering to buy a can of soda.

When an officer came into the store to arrest the couple, the man shoved the woman the officer’s way while he tried to make a run for it.

Meanwhile, the woman dashed towards the store’s back room and climbed her way into the ceiling panels. But the woman’s planned escape from above did not last long. The ceiling tiles gave way, sending her barreling down into the store’s metal shelves.

Police quickly arrested the two suspects, Brittany Burke, 29, and Richard Pariseau, 28, both of Edmonton, after the man allegedly tried to resist arrest.

Pariseau is facing 11 charges, including assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, using a stolen credit card, and possessing stolen property under $5,000. Burke was charged with criminal mischief, obstructing a police officer, and failing to comply with an undertaking.


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