GOP Rep. Meadows: Dems ‘Intentionally Misleading the American People’ in Impeachment Trial

During a Thursday interview with Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) accused Democrats of “intentionally misleading the American people” in the Senate impeachment trial.

In reaction to Democrats claiming in their opening statements that President Donald Trump withheld military aid from Ukraine to help his reelection campaign, Meadows said Democrats are “cherry-picking” testimony that is “built on a corrupt foundation.”

“This is just a repeat of things we heard in the House,” Meadows advised. “It’s built on a corrupt foundation. The House impeachment managers are actually not only making false statements, but they’re intentionally misleading the American people. How do we know that? Because they’re cherry-picking certain parts of testimony, and it’s all built on their narrative to try to impugn the facts of the case.”

“I can tell you when it’s all said and done, what they’re going to find out is this case, the Democrats’ House impeachment case is built on two things: hearsay and hurt feelings,” he later explained. “Hearsay from a lot of people with no firsthand knowledge and the hurt feelings that the President of the United States had the audacity to hold up aid while we tried to address corruption in a foreign country.”

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