Cotton: ‘There Is a Grave Danger of Fraud from Mail-in Balloting’

During an interview with Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” on Monday, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) warned about the “grave danger” of fraud from mail-in voting.

Cotton explained to host Sean Hannity how a mail-in-voting system could be gamed and pointed to the allegations of fraud in the 2018 election for North Carolina’s ninth congressional district as an example.

“There is a grave danger of fraud from mail-in balloting,” he said. “Let’s be clear about the difference between mail-in ballot and absentee ballots. When you vote absentee, you submit an application. You expect the ballot. You get it. You mail it back in. There’s a track record at every step of the process. These states like Nevada and New York that want to move to mail-in balloting, they’re talking about sending a live, real ballots to every single person who is registered, whether they wanted one or not, whether their address has been verified, whether they are alive or dead, and then they’re going to allow ballot harvesting as well, which is when party activists can around and pick up hundreds or thousands of those ballots, and return them without any knowledge of what coercion may have used, what tactics they might have used to pick it up.”

“Look, this is so rife for fraud,” Cotton added. “And in North Carolina in 2018, an entire congressional election was invalidated and had to be rerun. The fact that the Democrats in places like Nevada are already trying to change the rules, it goes to show you just how nervous they’re getting about this election.”

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