Panetta: U.S. Should Punish Russian Aggression with ‘Cyber’ Attacks on Infrastructure, Electric Grid, Pipelines

Monday on FNC’s “Your World,” former CIA Director and White House chief of staff Leon Panetta proposed the United States should retaliate against Russian aggression by using cyber warfare.

Cavuto asked Panetta that given Russia was one of the most sanctioned countries in the world, if there was anything else the United States could do.

“I think the United States and our allies can actually take some pretty strong steps against Russia,” he said. “I mean, one is sanctions, which is to cut them off from the international banking system, I think using cyber to go after their infrastructure, go after their electric grid, go after their pipelines, and weaken their economy. I think, in addition to that, it’s important that we move, as we are, moving up additional forces in NATO to move up towards Russia, and indicate that we are going to take a strong stand with regard — with regards to any other aggression by Russia.”

“And, lastly, we’re providing defensive weapons to the Ukraine, which is important, providing them with Javelin missiles, with machine guns with grenades,” Panetta continued. “I hope we provide them with Stingers, anti-aircraft missiles. That was used against them in Afghanistan. I mean, all of that means that they are not just going to be able to walk into the Ukraine without a fight.”

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