Clay Travis: Fauci Will Be Remembered for the ‘Destruction of All Trust in Public Health Bureaucrats’

Sunday on FNC’s broadcast of “The Next Revolution,” OutKick founder and radio talker Clay Travis argued outgoing National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci’s legacy would be one of the “destruction” of the public’s trust in the public health bureaucracy.

Travis accused him of having committed perjury in earlier testimony before Congress.

“Remember, Dr. Fauci said, Steve, hey, I am the science,” he said. “So when you attack science, you are attacking me, or when you’re attacking me, you are attacking science. He made himself one and the same with science. But that’s always been wrong from the get-go because the very essence of the scientific method is we question everything. And so, what Fauci tried to do was insist on an artificial narrative, one that was not supported by any of the facts. And anyone who questioned that artificial narrative was essentially named an enemy of the state. And so as we break down what’s going on here, Fauci is the most destructive bureaucrat in the United States history.”

“He is beyond a shadow of a doubt, I believe, someone who has committed perjury in his testimony in front of Congress, and I look forward to Republicans having control of the House at a minimum so they can get him back under oath and question him about all of these different issues,” Travis continued. “But what he is ultimately going to be remembered for, I think, is destruction of all trust in public health bureaucrats because he said before Thanksgiving that you might want to be taking a COVID test before you went to Thanksgiving dinner. He said, if you’re wearing a mask, you look great in them. He can’t dial it back down even after a third Thanksgiving. He has broken many people in America’s minds. And unfortunately, they’re on the far left in this country.

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