VIDEO: $50 Billion Mistakenly Deposited into Louisiana Family’s Bank Account

A family in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, got the surprise of a lifetime recently when a massive amount of money was mistakenly dropped into their bank account.

Darren James said his wife called and told him to sit down before she showed him $50 billion dollars had been deposited into their account, reported Friday.

“It was crazy just to see what it looks like because I’ve never seen that many zeros in my life,” said James, who called the bank hoping to find out how it happened.

“I wasn’t going to keep it, no matter what. The thing that was most baffling was, we don’t even know where it came from because don’t know anybody with that kind of money,” James recalled.

The father of two entertained the thought of an unknown rich uncle leaving them the money, but they knew it was not theirs and contacted Chase Bank, according to Fox 11.

James, who previously worked as a law enforcement officer for the Louisiana Department of Public Safety, said he knew keeping it would be considered theft.

The bank corrected the error four days later.

“We had a technical glitch over a week ago impacting a limited number of accounts,” a company spokesperson told Fox in a statement Monday. “The issue has been resolved and those accounts are now showing accurate balances.”

James later described what it felt like to see that amount of money in the account, calling it a “great feeling.”

“It was pretty neat to see what it looked like,” he commented.

James, who is a real estate agent, also said if he had truly received $50 billion, he would use it to help others by building a children’s hospital.

“I would bless other people—to give people hope that there is positive in this world,” he explained, adding, “That’s what my biggest dream is.”

However, James said the bank has not told him how the error happened and he is also wondering if his wife’s account was compromised.

Despite that, he hopes the incident inspires others to do the right thing and come up with ways to serve their communities.

“I love being able to bless people,” he stated. “I love being able to do the right thing.”


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