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Rock n' Roll Used to Be About Personal Liberty


Before we tell you about our latest accomplishments and the release of our first album, first, we gotta make you care. Maybe you don’t think that a conservative presence in entertainment is important. Maybe you think the entertainment industry is just fun and games? You already know that the entertainment industry is composed almost entirely of left leaning collectivists that frequent your gray matter with music, video games, movies, and TV. But do you know how good they are at it? They’re masters, as they should be; they’ve been running the industry for some time.

There are very few conservatives in the entertainment industry–MUST CHANGE! The music industry is an extremely important, and a grossly overlooked battleground. Some of us have chosen to fight in this battle, and some of us, have been winning.


America is full of evil, planet destroying, money mongering capitalists who conform shamefully to those ideals that lead to acquiring material things at the expense of their fellow man. All religion is the enemy, as well as most traditional values and core beliefs that the archaic U.S. Constitution was founded upon. Freedom means that you have the right to everything your brother has–all equal–all fair. The government must take care of everyone. America deserves the enemies that they have around the world. Why can’t we fundamentally change this country, apologize and bow to our enemies until they forgive us?


This is, or at least once was, the greatest country in the world–wisely founded on the ideal that we the people have God-given, inalienable rights. The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights masterfully protects our liberties and limits the power of our government, favoring the individual over the collective. America’s free market economy (capitalism) is the engine to innovation and progress and always will be. Our country has given more to the world than all the other nations combined. Our freedom is unsurpassed by any other country on earth and without the U.S.A. there is no free world. We have enemies–enemies of freedom–we will fight for our freedom.

It may be considered right-wing propaganda to sing about fighting for freedom; Watch Them Fall, the perils of an over-reaching government; Tides, expecting something for nothing; Melting Pot, or the confiscation of guns; Like It’s 1984. YEP–GUILTY!

This is what we’ve been doing: Won the Las Vegas regional’s “Battle for America”. Was accepted into the Indie Fest 2011, judged by music professionals, and won the National Finals (more than 2,000 bands applied and over 40 of the top indie bands competed)! The big news, however, is the release of our first self titled album! Utopian Riot (Find it on itunes, Amazon, etc.) We have been working feverishly on new material (you’ll dig it) and now we have our “cross-hairs” set on starting a national tour, gaining support from Americans around the country, and increasing our influence in Europe. Thank you for your feedback on the music videos posted here. We appreciate your comments, and can’t wait to hear from you when we release our next music video, in July. Please check out our new website,, for upcoming shows, appearances and new material soon to be released.

Remember, “All that is necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to listen to bad music.”

This is our cause, this is your RIOT!


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