Fueling the Fire: Stewart Declares Zimmerman Guilty

Fueling the Fire: Stewart Declares Zimmerman Guilty


On his low-rated cable show, besides mocking as “evil” the heart of a former vice president currently recovering from a heart transplant, “America’s satirist,” Jon Stewart, apparently has some special insight into the Trayvon Martin case the rest of us don’t.

Why else would he ask outright:

How is this guy Zimmerman not charged with anything?

Later in the segment, while criticizing the New Black Panthers, Stewart labels Zimmerman a “vigilante”:

The only way to bring this lone vigilante to justice … is a vigilante mob.

To be clear, Stewart was mocking the idea of mob violence, not encouraging it. For the full context see the embedded video above.

What’s hypocritical here, however, is Stewart assuming the position that Zimmerman is a vigilante who should be charged with something. That sort of rhetoric only fuels the fire of those like the New Black Panthers and other race agitators who have automatically assumed that justice hasn’t been done and therefore must be done by those outside the law.

Obviously, we all want to be reassured that either the Trayvon Martin shooting was properly investigated or that it will be. But it is highly irresponsible for “America’s satirist” to simply assume Zimmerman should be charged with a crime or to — in the middle of a joke or not — portray him as a “lone vigilante.”

Mr. Stewart just loves to launch shaming campaigns that regulate how you and I speak, but yesterday he was as out of line as anything he’s ever criticized.  

Has Jon Stewart ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

Whether Stewart and his Leftist ilk like it or not, Zimmerman is just as entitled to that basic protection as Trayvon Martin.

And my apologies in advance if Stewart had his clown nose on. Then, of course, he can say whatever he wants because he’s a comedian and stuff.