EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Terrorists Target UK Campuses Via New Islamist Front Group

EXCLUSIVE: Convicted Terrorists Target UK Campuses Via New Islamist Front Group

Convicted Muslim terrorists have been targeting London universities in their latest attempt to propagandise for an Islamic state in Britain, Breitbart London can exclusively reveal. 

Videos on the Need4Khilafah.com website shows the former Al-Muhajiroun member and convicted terrorist Abdul Muhid outside the London School of Economics (LSE), filming and speaking to students about Islamic Finance. The latest video was posted just two days ago, while the organisation has posted nearly 40 videos since its inception in December last year. 

Many of the group’s films promote radical preacher Anjem Choudary, while others show that the group is not just targeting the LSE, as another man identified as Abu Sayfullah quizzes students on the need for democracy outside Queen Mary University, London.

The group may be the latest in a long list of front groups which include the banned Al-Mujahiroun, Islam4UK, and the still operational Islamic Emergency Defence group. The group also has identifiable links with the Shariah Project, whose members were jailed for the Muslim Patrols incident in East London last year. One Muslim Patrol member, Royal Barnes, was handed a 5-year sentence yesterday for three counts of disseminating a terrorist publication and one of inciting murder.

Abdul Muhid was said to be responsible for the ‘Muslim Prisoners’ website which instructed prisoners to fake reform so that they could be released to be “combatants” in “a state of war” against Britain once again.

Muhid denied that the website had condoned or glorified terrorism, even though it hosted writings from individuals including fertiliser bomb plot convict Salahuddin Amin, 21/7 attacker Hussain Osman, and Roshonara Choudhry, convicted of the attempted murder of Stephen Timms MP.

Other videos hosted by the Need4Khilafah group include ‘Call to Islam in Piccadilly Circus’ as well as a bizarre and exploitative video where they film a drunk woman and shout at her about being ‘the fruits of democracy’.

Two videos feature Abu Baraa, a pseudonym for Mizanur Rahman who was convicted of soliciting to murder alongside Abdul Muhid. He was sentenced to six years in prison.

The group promotes a booklet taken from a lecture by Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad, the founder of Al-Muhajiroun, who was barred from the UK in 2005, and is suspected of inspiring a 2007 plot to behead a serving British soldier. 

Student Rights, a counter-extremism campus pressure group commented, “That this organisation is targeting students in this way is deeply concerning given that nearly one in five individuals convicted of terrorism offences in the last decade have had links to Al-Muhajiroun and its successor organisations.

“This includes Michael Adebolajo, recently given a whole life sentence for the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby.

“Adebolajo attended the group’s demonstrations whilst a student, and was briefly jailed in 2006 after punching a police officer while protesting in support of Mizanur Rahman.”

The Need4Khilafah website shows maps of the globe covered with Islamic flags, and has today published a blog post bemoaning their targeting by the Metropolitan Police. The press release uses the telephone number 07956 041 034 as a contact number, which has been linked to other Omar Bakri Muhammad and Anjem Choudary groups in the past including Shariah 4 Pakistan, and Islam4UK. 

The number is believed to belong to one Abu Rumaysah, who also runs the ‘Shariah Project’ which attempts to ban alcohol and gambling in East London. Rumaysah has previously said he would welcome some of the Shariah Project’s now-jailed members back into the fold after serving their time for involvement in the ‘Muslim Patrols’ incident last year.


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