UKIP Under Fire but Polls Show Public Backs Farage & Co.

UKIP Under Fire but Polls Show Public Backs Farage & Co.

UKIP is under fire but not declining in the polls on the run up to the European Elections, reports the Independent this weekend:

“Despite revelations over the questionable views of his candidates and officials, an on-air grilling about the employment of his German wife and accusations of a “racist” poster campaign, Nigel Farage last week remained on course for one of the greatest upsets in recent political history in next month’s European elections.

“The Ukip leader endured what was one of the toughest weeks of his political career and yet support for his party was sustained. Mr Farage could even come first in the elections in less than four weeks.”

And the situation is only going to get worse as the election draws closer. Sources have told Breitbart London that the real “nasty attacks” by other political parties and anti-UKIP pressure groups have not yet begun.

As polling day on May 22nd inches closer, mainstream media outlets such as the Times, Daily Mail and the Telegraph are being briefed for a concerted UKIP take-down effort, which includes nationally significant, as well as locally impactful stories.

But it seems that whatever press UKIP gets, good or bad, the party continues to grow.

The graphic below, provided by the Independent, shows the four major parties’ policies for Europe, as well as what good or bad election nights will look like for the party leaders.


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