Jail Gays And Adulterers Says Islamic Trojan Horse Plotter

Jail Gays And Adulterers Says Islamic Trojan Horse Plotter

A school chief accused of being behind the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot to push radical Islam in the British education system has been exposed as a racist and sexist bigot. Secret recordings of Shalid Akmal made by an undercover Daily Mirror journalist show him expressing a wide range of unsavoury views about British life, and white people.

He told the undercover journalist that “white women have the least amount of morals”, white children were “lazy” and that British people have “colonial blood”. He also believes that jailing gays and adulterers is a “moral position to hold” under Sharia Law.

Akmal was chairman of governors at the now notorious Nansen Primary School until last week. He was thrown out for implementing radical Islam in the school, this included the banning of music. 

The investigation at Nansen came after the media widely reported the Trojan Horse plot to radicalise young children by taking over schools. As reported by Breitbart London earlier this year as many as twenty-five schools in Birmingham alone were targeted. 

Radicals infiltrated the governing bodies of schools and then attempted to remove the headteachers, and change the curriculum to reflect extreme strands of Islam. The plot was only exposed when a letter detailing the plan was discovered, and investigations were ordered.

In a series of interviews Akmal referred to women as “emotionally weaker” than men. He also criticised women who became “high flying” politicians saying: “She has to sacrifice her family, she has to sacrifice her children, she has to sacrifice her husband, all in the name of equality. And there are so many marriages that have broken up because of this.”

Akmal referred to British born Muslims who fight in Syria and Iraq as “freedom fighters”. Despite David Cameron calling the phenomenon “the greatest threat to British national security in decades”, as fighters are being turned into professional soldiers. Many of them have publicly stated their plan to return to the UK to fight to implement Sharia Law here.

He revealed his dislike of this country, his distaste for British values and even the English language itself. He said: “My grandfather refused to let us speak English at home. He said, ‘You leave English at the door. When you come inside you speak your own language’. He used to encourage us to dress in our national dress.

“He said this is your identity because no matter how white you become, how well you speak English, how well you dress, you will never become one of them.”

He continued: “The colonial blood they have within them, these white people, it’s very difficult to get rid of that very quickly. They still think they rule half the world.”

Mr Akmal then went on to claim that anyone he deemed to be “fornicators”, those who have sex outside marriage, should be exiled from their communities. 

“The Koranic concept is that anyone who causes disruption in the community, even if you put them in prison, from prison they can continue to cause disruption as well,” he said.

“So the best thing to do is to actually exile them so that the community can remain solid and united. It’s a moral position to hold.”

Whilst Akmal’s views may seem unsavoury they are not unusual amongst the figures that were given senior roles within state-funded schools. Investigators have uncovered all sorts of practises within British schools including taxpayer funded trips that Christian children were excluded from and school assemblies for Muslims only.

This has led to the dual concern that some British schools are running a form of apartheid against white children whilst simultaneously radicalising Muslim young people.


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