Business Insider: 'Europe is Coming Apart'

Business Insider: 'Europe is Coming Apart'

Joe Weisenthal, editor at BI comes unglued at the rise of the populist right. We reprint here:

The big news at the moment is in the UK, where it looks like there’s a real chance that Scotland might vote to leave Great Britain in a referendum that’s coming up on Sept. 18. Up until very recently, the conventional wisdom was that it would be a fairly close vote, but that really the pro-independence campaign had very little shot. Now people are treating it more like a coin flip.

But you shouldn’t let the possible breakup of the Sterling-zone distract you from the mess elsewhere.

In France, a new poll shows that Marine Le Pen is the current favorite in the 2017 Presidential elections. 2017 is a long time from now, but for those who don’t know, Le Pen is the head of France’s ultra-right National Front party, which was founded by her anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying father Jean-Marie Le Pen. Marine is not as extreme as her father, but she’s sharply anti-eurozone and holds other right-wing views.

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