Two Arrests in Belgium Over ‘New Year Terror Plot’

Belgian Radicals new year
JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images

Police in Belgium have arrested two people on suspicion of plotting terror attacks in Brussels on New Year’s Eve.

Anti-terror raids took place in Brussels, Flemish Brabant and Liege on Sunday and Monday, with police seizing military clothing and computer equipment. They also found propaganda for Islamic State.

The BBC reports that no explosives or weapons were found, but one of those arrested is believed to be leading and recruiting for a terror cell.

The country has been on a high state of alert since the Paris terror attacks in November, with several of the terrorists believed to have been based in Belgium. Numerous Islamists have already been detained, although these latest arrests are not believed to have any connection with the attacks in Paris.

The suspects are believed to have been planning attacks against “symbolic targets” in Brussels on New Year’s Eve, as well as on the police.

Four other people were questioned by police but later released without charge.

The arrests come as security sources warn Islamists could strike several European cities on New Year’s Eve and have told national security services to be on guard.

Breitbart London reported yesterday how police in Paris, Vienna, Rome and Madrid are stepping up precautions amid warnings of terrorists using firearms and explosives to cause bloodshed as crowds gather to see in the New Year.

Authorities in Paris have even been considering cancelling their festivities due to the extremely high risk of another terror attack, which would be the third in the city in the space of twelve months.

Bruno Julliard, the city’s deputy mayor, said: “From a symbolic point of view, it would leave us with heavy hearts if we had to cancel it.

“But if the prefecture of police asks us to cancel it, then we will”.

However, British MP Keith Vaz, chairman of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, said people should not be cowed by any terror threat.

“We should never allow the threat of terrorism to frighten us into changing our normal lives. We need to continue with our celebrations.

“Given the current climate, of course we should be extra vigilant and continue to be well protected but if we give into fear then they would have won.”

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