FARAGE FOR BREITBART: Labour Think Its ‘Racist’ To Blame The Cologne Attacks On Migrants


The campaign to remain in the European Union is now in full swing. Just this week Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan announced big six figure cheques towards the campaign. No surprise there.

The relationship between the big corporates and governments and the even bigger government of the EU is there for all to see.

When they fail, as they did in 2008, their friends in power come to their assistance. And so it is here.

The European Union is one of the biggest corporatist clubs that mankind has ever seen. The system of law-making by which the unelected European Commission has the sole right to propose legislation means that the big guys effectively get to set their own rules for their industry.

But even before this, ten million leaflets landed on household mats telling us the benefits of Europe. Not, you note, the European Union.

This is a deliberate attempt to confuse in the minds of the British electorate sandy beaches and Sangria with that new unaccountable seat of power in Brussels.

It is dishonest in every way. And on the back page of this document the reader is treated to an all-out attack on “UKIP myths”.

I read them again and again. Not one of their “truths” is even close to being true. So no surprise there.

At Davos, where the great and the good, the corporates, and of course Mr. Cameron were this week, it became very clear that the Prime Minister is, as he calls himself, “deeply European”.

Je Suis David, popular at Davos but less so on the council estates of Sheffield I suspect.

The bad news is that the Leave camp has been somewhat distracted. Yes, I’ve been doing my bit with the Say No to EU Tour but there has been precious little other public activity. This is because Vote Leave and Leave.EU are deadlocked, with far too many Westminster corridor briefings from one side against the other.

But last week as I announced in Breitbart London, I’m off to Kettering tomorrow for the first public event of Grassroots Out (GO).

There will be Tory MPs: Peter Bone, Tom Pursglove, and Philip Hollobone on the platform along with Kate Hoey from the Labour Party and Sammy Wilson from the DUP.

I will be speaking, and UKIP MEP Margot Parker will be chairing. It is the first cross-party event of this nature in decades.

The public enthusiasm to come is enormous. The 2000 seat venue would look to be seriously oversubscribed and I anticipate from all the readings a lot of young people will be in the room. There is a buzz, an energy and an excitement about this. It is the first of many such planned meetings around the country and I genuinely believe that this initiative has broken the deadlock.

My message tomorrow is very simple. We want our country back.


For too many years any criticism of immigration numbers or its effects on society have been shut down by the loud cry of “racism”.

The Labour Party have done this as a means of covering up the damage they did to our country. And as I saw this week they’ve still not learnt their lesson.

After the outrage in Cologne which whilst was not isolated was so very public I would have expected some attitudes to change.

But as the European Parliament met in Strasbourg this week, I have found there was a very deep reluctance to discuss this matter at all.

Indeed when I spoke about Cologne in the chamber, I was met with tombstone silence (or was that Ed Stone?).

On Monday evening there was a meeting of the Women’s Committee on the agenda. The main topic for debate was a report by London Labour MEP Mary Honeyball about the situation of female asylum seekers in the EU.

UKIP’s own Margot Parker MEP spoke on the topic and asked “what about the treatment of our own women by refugees and migrants?”

She rightly went on to say that our open door policy to people from countries where women are treated as second class citizens had directly led to the increase in sex assaults.

All pretty factual stuff you would have thought.

In response Labour’s Mary Honeyball said that it was racist to blame migrants for these crimes.

So there you have it. Labour is still in denial and still happy to put the rights of our own people to the bottom of the pile.

I sense great anger and fear and believe that the opinion polls showing the Leave side 6 per cent in the lead is as a direct result of this.

Unless Labour wake up to these changes in attitudes and reality they are destined for a disastrous decline.

Nigel Farage is the leader of the UK Independence Party


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