Cruise For 1,700 School Kids Ends In Tragedy As Migrant Passengers Gang-Rape Girl

Wikimedia Commons/Aftonbladet

Note: This story has been updated. See below for the latest.

Five men, including two believed to be accessories to murder, have been arrested on suspicion of gang raping a girl on-board a special, high school kids-only pleasure cruise in Sweden.

MS Galaxy migrants

Two of the suspected rapists laugh and joke about how they plan to ‘fuck about’ on the cruise / Aftonbladet

Four men aged between 18 and 19 were arrested when the luxury MS Galaxy landed after its cruise to Finland on Wednesday, with a fifth arrested yesterday. They are all accused of gang-raping an unidentified woman, and face charges of aggravated rape.

The prosecutor has given no more detail about the crime or the victim, and was initially even reluctant to disclose that it was a woman who had been raped.

Although the politically-correct Swedish police have gone to their usual lengths to obscure the identities and nationalities of the suspected perpetrators, a mistake by Sweden’s largest newspaper has revealed the men to be migrants.

A film crew from newspaper Aftonbladet interviewed a number of students boarding the ship as it prepared to sail earlier this week for a feature on the cruise.

Of the 1,700 young people who sailed they by chance ended up interviewing two of the attackers.

The non-Western young men told the camera of their plan to have a good time while at sea, remarking they wanted to “Just fuck about”. He remarked “because we are students”, they wanted to “actually go fucking wild”, reports Sweden’s Aftonbladet.

The footage was released by the paper accidentally to their website and later taken down, but a screenshot was preserved of the men, censored by Friatider to comply with Swedish law.

In a further development, it has been revealed one of the men has a previous conviction and two of the men arrested for the gang-rape are suspects in a separate criminal case, a high-profile murder in Stockholm dating back to November 2015. Although the men are suspected of accessory to murder and were arrested by police, they were later released pending trial and allowed to potentially violently offend again.

None of those men arrested were born in Sweden. They deny all charges of aggravated rape.

UPDATE 06/04/16

Following the arrests of five migrant men in the aftermath of a gang rape aboard Swedish cruise ship the MS Galaxy, Swedish police have continued their interrogations and investigations, leading to further developments. A report in today’s Swedish Expressen notes police have now announced the attack took place inside one of the ship’s cabins, and there have been three more arrests.

According to court documents seen by Breitbart London, the three latest arrests are all of migrant origin youths. Now held by police are 18 year old Somalian ‘Mohammed’, 19 year old born in Sweden to a Somalian father called ‘Jamaal’, and 19 year ‘Zoran’, a born Serbian with Bosnian citizenship. All three live in Swedish city Vasteras, in common with the other arrested men.

Two of the men are charged with aggravated rape while the third is accused of complicity in rape, suggesting he may have watched the act, reports Sweden’s FriaTider.

There have now been eight suspects in total in relation to the case and seven arrests, with two released and one migrant remaining at large. Breitbart London reported on Monday about two of those arrested having been inadvertently interviewed by Sweden’s Aftonbladet prior to the attacks, but the men have now been cleared of all suspicion.

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