Asylum Seeker Threatens to Kill Two Court Officials


An Algerian asylum seeker threatened to kill two district attorneys in an Austrian court after claiming police had taken away his money.

The Algerian national who lives at the refugee camp at the site of the Schwarzenberg barracks, was arrested by police as an accomplice to a burglary that occurred on Monday. Police were able to find 500 euros on the migrant’s person, stuffed in one of his socks. The money was assumed to have been acquired through past criminal activity and until the police could verify the origin of the cash they chose to confiscate it from him reports Austria’s Kurier.

After his arrest, the migrant was interrogated by Salzburg police who questioned him about the burglary and eventually let him go free the next morning. After his release the Algerian went immediately to the Salzburg district courthouse and demanded the police hand back his 500 euros. He claimed to the court official that the money had not been from illegal activity but rather he had received the money via a money transfer that originated in Spain.

He was eventually led to the offices of the district attorneys, who granted him an immediate audience. After it became apparent that the attorneys had no idea of the specifics of the case, the man became aggressive and started shouting at them. He called them racists for not giving him back his money and made gestures indicating he may have planted a bomb somewhere on the premises of the court. He also told the pair that if he did not get his money back he would kill them both.

After coming to the conclusion that he would not be able to get the money, the asylum seeker fled the courthouse. The Salzburg prosecutor then ordered a warrant for the arrest of the migrant on the charges of threatening a government official.

The next day Salzburg police were able to locate the man at the Salzburg main train station. Train stations have become a popular location for migrants to hang around and have caused anxiety for locals, and especially women, who fear they may become the victims of migrant perpetrated theft and sexual abuse. Cases have been reported all over Austria, Germany and Sweden leaving many women afraid to go onto train platforms alone after dark. Police arrested the man and have since taken him to Puch-Urtsein prison where he awaits a court date.


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