‘Refugee Child’ Sexually Assaults 10-Year-Old Girl After Liberal Parents House Him


An Eritrean migrant in Sweden, posing as a “child refugee”, has been found guilty of molesting a 10-year-old girl after her family agreed to house him.

He was given just ten hours’ therapy and a fine, and will be allowed to stay in the country.

It was also reported today that another migrant in Sweden, a 42-year-old Syrian, had abused his position as a child minder and sexually assaulted a 4-year-old in his care.

The mother of the first victim, from Skåne Höör in southern Sweden, had “opened her heart” to two “child refugees” last summer, and brought them into her home alongside her two adult children and the 10-year-old.

One of the migrants, known as Isaac according to Avpixlat, did not reciprocate the kindness.

It was explained in court that the trusting mother had allowed him and the 10-year-old to spend plenty of time together, alone. One evening in the living room, after making and sharing photos on their smartphones, the girl fell asleep.

When she awoke, the migrant was pulling up her shirt and “fondling her breasts” over her bra. He immediately “jumped off” and left the room, the girl recalled.

She said it was painful and unpleasant, and that her breasts hurt afterwards. She was afraid of telling her mother initially, and only after some time did she speak to her siblings about the assault.

A “child refugee” is supposed to be less than 18-years-old; however, Isaac accidentally revealed that he was more the 19-years-old in court. 

“He appreciated that he started school when he was ten years old, was in school for seven years, and that he left school two years ago,” explained the judge.

The phenomenon of migrants pretending to be minors is very common in Sweden, as they are far more likely to be granted asylum quickly and housed generously.

The court, however, continued to try Isaac as a child, even though you must be 15 to be considered such in Sweden. He was found guilty of “juvenile sexual harassment”.

It is not known if he will be welcomed back into the home of the Swedish family.


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