Amir Khan’s Muslim Trainer Banned from Facebook for Anti-Islamic State, Pro-Britain Plea


Facebook took down Tam Khan’s profile after the boxing trainer published an anti-Islamic State message urging Muslims in Britain to contribute to the country and respect its culture.

In the Facebook post, Khan slammed Islamic State-supporting “monkeys” like Anjem Choudary and urged that Muslims who complain about Britain and are unwilling to integrate should leave the country.

The mixed martial arts fighter, who helped train boxer Amir Khan, wrote: “I think it’s time the British or west deport not only those who speak bad or against the country but the entire family also. You come to a country to milk the benefit system, free education & health yet complain. Try that in Pakistan or the Gulf. See what will happen.”

Going viral, the post attracted almost 150,000 ‘likes’ and 126,000 shares before Facebook banned Mr. Khan.

Mr. Khan called on Muslims in Britain to “clean up” their communities and report “dodgy behaviour” to authorities so as to help fight against Islamism.

The London-based fighter wrote: “Muslims we need to start cleaning up our communities ASAP. We are just as much to blame for letting these idiots do these things as they are for sitting quiet. If we don’t it won’t stop only get worse.”

Mr. Khan said he had never experienced Islamophobia, noting that he had always felt able to practice his religion in the UK.

He told his 6,000 followers: “I was born and raised in England. Never had any issues with racism or islampbobia [sic]. My closest friends were English & non Muslims. They treated me like a brother and likewise. I was able to practice my religion without offending them and they did without offending me. But over the last decade I have noticed real changes and I don’t like it.

“I feel more Muslims need to start cleaning up our society. We are lucky to be able to have so many mosques in England, able to have free speech but don’t take the piss. If you don’t like what you see it’s simple, LEAVE!”

Criticising Muslims who complain about British culture, the boxing trainer wrote: “ If you don’t like [the UK], leave. I’d love to see these people talk crap in Muslim countries. They would be smashed in seconds. Locked up & tortured”.

In the viral post, Mr. Khan called upon Muslims to “contribute to the country that looks after you and your family. Respect their culture and traditions the same way they do when they live in Muslim countries.”

“ … Don’t use the system, benefit from It then manipulate it and the country you live in. We need more Muslims in our society who are looked up too to speak to the community, educate them and fix this s***.””

After restoring Mr. Khan’s profile, Facebook claimed the temporary ban was a “mistake”.


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