Report: Young People in Poland ‘Predominantly Support Radical Right’


“Anti-establishment” parties which lie on the ‘radical right’ of the political spectrum enjoy the most support amongst young people in Poland, new research has found.

Conducted by the Institute of Public Affairs and pollster Kantar Public, the survey found Polish youths are significantly more likely to describe themselves as right wing than left wing. According to the data, 68 per cent of 15-24-year-olds described their political views as conservative while 30 per cent said they were on the left.

According to the survey, young Poles are increasingly rejecting mainstream parties with the Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration parties like Kukiz’15 and Freedom attracting by far the most support from respondents.

Kukiz’15 enjoys the strongest support among young voters according to the study, with 27 per cent of those surveyed saying they would vote for the right wing, anti-establishment party.

Founded by former rock musician Pawel Kukiz, who recently accused the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party — which is regularly slammed in the Western mainstream media for being too right wing —  of being “pro-immigration”, the party sees Poland as being exploited by the European Union (EU).

“As a Pole, speaking for the interests of Poles, I say we cannot allow a situation where citizens are too afraid to go out on the streets for fear of immigrants,” he said in January.

At the launch of a petition aiming to block the prospect of the nation being forced by Brussels to accept migrants from the third world, Kukiz’15 vice-chairman Elizabeth Borowska promised that the party “will do everything possible” to protect Poles from the kind of immigrant violence and harassment that has taken place in Germany.

The second most popular among youths polled was Freedom, with 21 per cent saying they back the conservative libertarian party led by Janusz Korwin-Mikke, an MEP loathed by Brussels’ Europhile establishment.

The EU has promised to punish him for comments made during a debate on the ‘gender pay gap’ earlier this month, in which the maverick politician pointed to the dearth of women in high-level chess as why such a ‘gap’ may exist.

Korwin-Mikke, who has decried the EU as a “Communist project”, was previously sanctioned by Brussels for saying the bloc’s open borders response to the ‘migrant crisis’ in 2015 was “flooding Europe with human garbage”.

In October, Freedom activists and supporters marched through Warsaw under the slogan “Wake up Europe”, warning that it’s the last chance to save the continent from “Islamic invasion”.

Crowds gathered along the city’s main historic thoroughfare to oppose the political correctness pushed by the EU, which speakers from the party warned is a “gangrene” plunging the continent into “catastrophe”.

The study showed other parties attracting much less support among young people in Poland than Kukiz’15 and Freedom, which Warsaw’s Institute of Public Affairs declares are on the “radical” right of the political spectrum.

In third place with 14 per cent of support among those polled was Modern, a liberal and free market party. PiS was in fourth place, with 13 per cent of youths surveyed identifying themselves as likely voters for the conservative ruling party.


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