KASSAM: Europe Will Keep Seeing Attacks Without Anti-No Go Zone Policies

Breitbart London Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam has appeared on Fox News to discuss Spain’s illegal immigration and No Go Zone problem in light of the Islamist attack on Barcelona Thursday.

Mr. Kassam slammed human traffickers for putting migrants on “shoddy little boats” and causing “suffering and dying”, and called on the West to act.

“Maybe we don’t allow these boats to come over,” he said on The Story with Martha MacCallum. “Maybe we don’t start rescuing people who have been human trafficked there, and bringing them into Europe, because it only encourages.

“It’s the pull factor and it only encourages the human traffickers to carry on that illegal trade.

“Australia had this same problem and their solution was to turn the boats back. [Their policy is]: ‘You may not land illegally in Australia and then claim citizenship and all the rights of residents.’ And actually, their problem ceased.”

Explaining the link between terror and illegal immigration, he noted one of the Barcelona terrorists had come from Melilla, one of two Spanish enclaves in North Africa (the other being Ceuta).

“Thousands of migrants, literally every week, are storming the gates to these areas,” he said. Just nine days ago, around 1,000 migrants armed with makeshift weapons tried to break into the Ceuta.

Spain has also experienced a recent surge in illegal immigration via boat and could overtake Greece for the number sea arrivals this year.

In the 24-hours before the attacks, the Spanish coast guard brought more than 600 migrants ashore from the Mediterranean.

When Ms. MacCallum asked about “homegrown” terrorists, Mr. Kassam explained that Barcelona has some No Go Zones “not too far from where the attack happened”.

“I haven’t just studied them, I’ve lived them”, Mr. Kassam said of No Go Zones. “I lived in London most of my life… I’ve travelled to Sweden, I’ve travelled to Brussels, I’ve travelled to the Northern Parisian suburbs.

“And I’ve seen what’s going on in these neighbourhoods; how second-generation Muslim immigrants who grew up in Muslim families – people like me… – were being taken in by radical, fundamentalist Islam.”

He concluded: “I can scream about it until I’m blue in the face, but unless we have real policies aimed at anti-ghettoisation and aimed at anti-segregation… then we’re just going to keep seeing this kind of stuff.”

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