UK: Number of Boys and White Students at University Falling as Girls and Minorities Surge Ahead

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

New Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) statistics show the number of white people at British universities is in decline, with minorities surging ahead.

The figures show there were 1,507,815 white students enrolled at all levels in 2012/13, but this fell to 1,459,735 in 2013/14 and 1,418,685 in 2014/15.

Numbers declined slightly again in 2015/16 to 1,417,300, before ticking up slightly in 2016/17 to 1,425,665 — for an overall decline of around 5.5 per cent over a five-year period.

Meanwhile, the number of black, Asian, and other (including mixed race) students are up significantly across the board — despite left-liberal politicians such as Labour’s David Lammy continuing to push the narrative that minorities are disadvantaged due to institutional prejudice.

The number of black students is up by around 10.8 per cent; the number of Asian students is up by around 12.5 per cent, and the number of other/mixed race students is up by around 21 per cent.

The fall in the number of white students comes despite an increase in the number of students overall.

The data also shows a growing discrepancy between the sex of students, with some 57 per cent of all students in higher education being female in 2016/17.

The difference is even more pronounced when different modes of higher education are considered separately: 60 per cent of part-time students are female, and 63 per cent of undergraduate students are female.

Interestingly, however, males still have a slight lead among post-graduate (research) students, where women make up 47 per cent of the total.

‘Whiteness’ has been increasingly under attack in Britain’s academic institutions, with the prestigious University of Oxford recently caving in to a National Union of Students-led ‘Why is My Curriculum White?’ campaign and introducing compulsory exams based on black, Middle Eastern, Indian, and other Asian history, for example.

Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner has conceded that the white working class, in particular, are being disadvantaged in Britain by a focus on ethnic minorities and “women’s agendas”.

“I think it’s because as we’ve tried to deal with some of the issues around race and women’s agendas, around tackling some of the discrimination that’s there, it has actually had a negative impact on the food chain [for] white working boys,” she told The Spectator.

However, she appeared to row back from this admission later in the same interview, blaming white “culture” for the poor outcomes of working-class white boys, rather than the various ‘No Whites’ internships and training programmes which have been introduced by public broadcasters, police forces, and others using the so-called ‘Positive Action’ provisions included in Britain’s equality legislation.

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