Dutch Tourists ‘Drugged, Gang Raped’ by ‘African Descent’ Men on Trip to Belgium


Four men “of African descent” have been arrested on suspicion of subjecting two Dutch tourists to a “horrifying” three-hour gang rape ordeal, local media reports.

Investigators believe the alleged victims were drugged while on a night out at discotheque Roxy in Antwerp on Friday night before the attack took place.

The women, aged 21 and 22 from Leiden, told police the last thing they remember from the evening is being at the nightclub, describing “just one black hole” in place of where memories should be.

Four men in their twenties described in reports as being of African descent were subsequently arrested on suspicion of rape, one of whom  — named in local media as Mohamed S. — was picked up by police when he returned to the hotel in the evening and was stopped by the manager.

“My client let himself get carried away by his friends”, his lawyer Luc Verheyen told Het Laatste Nieuws. “He immediately regretted his actions Saturday. That is why he returned to that hotel. To talk with the victims.”

The 22-year-old confessed when questioned by police, according to Verheyen, who said: “At the start of the interrogation he burst into tears. The police confronted him with the victims’ terrible story.

“What these young women had to go through for three hours is simply horrific.”

Mohamed S. said that he and a friend had entered the room of the alleged victims after giving them a lift to their hotel at around 5am, and other friends of the men later joined them.

“One thing led to another”, according to the Antwerp resident, who told police that he and all the men ended up raping the women despite them saying “stop”.

“They did not really struggle too much, as they kept falling asleep while we were busy,” he said, stating that the women were in a deep sleep when he and his friends left the hotel.

The other three suspects under arrest, whose names were handed to police by Mohamed S., deny assaulting the women. Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Public Prosecution Service said it is in the interests of the investigation not to comment on reports there were five men involved in the gang rape.

Around 200 women each year report having been gang-raped in Belgium to police, but almost half of cases are dropped — usually due to insufficient evidence, according to Het Laatste Nieuws.

Last year, Breitbart London reported on the case of a serial rapist from Morocco, who also drugged and robbed his victims, that Belgian investigators believed could have assaulted as many as 230 people in the period between 2015 and his arrest in late 2016.


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