Italian Populist: We’re Going in the ‘Right Direction’ If Soros Is Worried

Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty
Matthew Cavanaugh/Getty

Globalist financier George Soros’s “concern” over the new Italian government is a good sign because it means the populists are on the right track, League party deputy Claudio Borghi Aquilini has said.

“Soros worried by the Italian government? So it means we are going in the right direction,” Mr. Borghi said in response to allegations made by the open borders advocate at the Trento Festival of Economics in Italy on Sunday that there is a “close relationship” between Russian president Vladimir Putin and Italy’s new Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, League leader Matteo Salvini.

“We understand that those who have been speculating for years off of the skin of immigrants, financing NGOs and smugglers to invade Italy, are now aware that the good times are over and they will take any pretext to attack,” Borghi added.

In his own defence, the League’s Salvini responded: “I never received a lira, a euro, or a ruble from Russia, I think Putin is one of the best statesmen and I am ashamed of the fact that an unscrupulous speculator like Soros is invited to speak in Italy.”

Soros has lost ground in Europe in the past 12 months following conservative, populist, and patriotic victories in HungaryItaly, the Czech Republic, and Austria, where citizens voted to reject mass migration and ‘ever closer union’ with the EU.

It has become vital for the ‘progressive’ billionaire to keep Italy, a founding member of the EU’s earliest predecessor, the European Coal and Steel Community, and keystone to the globalist project, in the bloc.

Penning an opinion piece for Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Soros wrote: “Outside, the EU is threatened by Trump’s America, Putin’s Russia, Erdoğan’s Turkey, and Assad’s Syria. Inside, Poland and Hungary are undermining the values on which the EU is founded, but Italy is becoming the most pressing challenge to the sustainability of the Union.”

“The disintegration of Europe is no longer just a figure of speech; today is the harsh reality.”

On how the EU should respond to Italy’s new populist government, Soros conceded that “in Europe, there is a clear tendency to use the opportunity to teach Italy a lesson… If the EU follows this line [of punishment], it will dig its own grave.”

Fearing another Italian expression of democracy, he said to punish the country would cause “a negative reaction by the Italian electorate, which at that point would re-elect the League and the 5-Star Movement with an even larger majority”.

The Open Society Foundations chief then claimed: “Historically, your country [Italy] has always been the biggest supporter of the EU, because citizens did not trust their government.

“And for good reason: Italian governments tended to be corrupt and to follow policies that did not serve the interests of the population. But Europe must not punish Italians for the faults of their governments.” 

March’s general election saw Italians reject the establishment Democratic Party and vote for the populist 5-Star Movement and the nationalist League, both parties promising to serve the interests of Italy’s citizens and deport half a million illegal migrants who have been ferried into the country in recent years — a move opposed by the EU’s pro-mass migration leadership.

Despite attempts by EU loyalist president Sergio Matterella to block it, the coalition successfully formed a government on June 1st.

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