Delingpole: Police in UK Rape Gang Heartland Wage War…on Hurty Tweets

south yorkshire police

The UK police department on whose watch 1,400 girls were raped by Muslim gangs in just one town alone has tweeted out a message urging the public to report “non-crime hate incidents”.

The message has infuriated the public — prompting over 3,500 replies, most of them angry, from people wondering why South Yorkshire Police doesn’t have better things to do than encourage snitches to bleat about hurty stuff people have said on social media.

And also why, if South Yorkshire Police is so keen to put a stop to “hurt” it has done so little over the last two decades to prevent many thousands of white and Sikh girls, many of them underage, being groomed, drugged, trafficked, and raped by gangs of Muslims.

In tech-speak, South Yorkshire Police has been “ratioed”. That is, its tweet attracted significantly more comments than it did “likes” or “retweets”. This is invariably a sign when someone’s tweet has gone very badly awry…

South Yorkshire Police is supposed to be responsible for policing the area of Britain where many of the worst rape gang incidents have taken place — including the small town of Rotherham where, at a conservative estimate, 1,400 girls were gang-raped.

An official 2015 report conducted into the Rotherham incidents by Louise Casey was scathing about the failure of the authorities to prevent these rapes happening.

To get an idea just how useless South Yorkshire Police were, here are some extracts from the original Breitbart report on the subject.

‘Child 3, aged 13, was found by the police at 3am…in a semi-derelict house alone with a large group of adult males. She was drunk, the result of having been supplied with alcohol, and there was evidence that her clothing had been disrupted. She alone was arrested for a public order offence, detained, prosecuted, appeared before the Youth Court and received a Referral Order for which the YOT arranged ‘reparation’, drug and alcohol counselling, art psychotherapy and victim awareness sessions.’

Yep, you read aright. The only person to be arrested when police found a child, three years below the age of consent, drunk, and surrounded by her adult abusers was the child!

And no wonder with police attitudes like this:

In one victim’s account, a police officer told her: “Nothing good will come of it. I’ve seen your files. You lied about that man all those years ago.” He then pulled the police car over and persuaded her to drop the charges against a perpetrator. After ripping up some paperwork, he dropped her off at a restaurant where girls, including victims of CSE, and suspected perpetrators used to gather.

Inspectors wondered if some of this inaction was rooted in the attitudes of some South Yorkshire Police officers to the victims. They did not seem to believe the girls or their families or those who reported problems. They did not treat them as victims.

“The girls were blamed for a lot of what happened. It’s unbelievable and key to why it wasn’t taken seriously as an issue.” A police officer

“There was no awareness. The view was that they were little slags.” A key partner

They didn’t understand the situation, and thought that the girls were happy, or complicit in it. The sense was that if there had been any offence it had been by the girls, for luring the men in.” A key partner

No heads in South Yorkshire Police rolled for this failure and — though it is currently the subject of an internal disciplinary investigation — it seems highly unlikely that any will.

One reason given in the various official reports for this failure by South Yorkshire Police and other local authorities was their politically correct reluctance to be seen criticising actions by Muslims lest they be seen as “racist” or “Islamophobic”.

Apparently, that political correctness is still fully entrenched in South Yorkshire Police.


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