WATCH: Hungary Vows to ‘Shake Up’ EU in Ad Taking Aim at Migrant Crime, Terrorism, Open Borders

The Hungarian government has released an English-language video taking aim at the “reckless” European Union establishment on mass migration, migrant crime, and terrorism, and vowed to “shake up Brussels”.

According to the Central European government’s About Hungary website, the video is intended as something of a response to the Sargentini Report which accused Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s administration of various rights violations.

The report became the pretext for a vote in favour of Article 7 sanctions against the country by the European Parliament — although the Hungarians hotly dispute its claims, arguing it is a politically motivated attempt to punish their country for defying the EU’s migrant redistribution quotas and other pro-open borders policies.

In any event, Article 7 sanctions are all-but-guaranteed to be vetoed in the European Council by other pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration governments in countries like Poland and the Czech Republic.

European Parliament mainstay Guy Verhofstadt, a former Prime Minister of Belgium who now serves as the chamber’s representative in the Brexit negotiations and acts as a strident advocate for a United States of Europe and opponent and of national populism who frequently disparages Hungary and her allies, came in for particularly heavy criticism in the American-style attack ad.

“This is Guy Verhofstadt. He wants more migration,” the video begins, showing a short clip of the Belgian asserting that “we need migration”.

“These are the facts: 1.8 million migrants have entered the European Union since 2015. Millions more wish to come. Since the crisis began hundreds have lost their lives in vicious attacks all across Europe. Violent crime is rising. And Guy Verhofstadt wants more migration,” the narrator declares.

“This is reckless. Time to shake up Brussels. Let’s protect Europe!”

In a statement accompanying the video’s release, the Hungarian government makes it clear it “will not leave unanswered theoffencee committed against Hungary in the Sargentini Report”.

They add that they “would like to make clear before the general, European public that we do not want to become an immigrant country. That’s why the government has released this English-language internet video in response to the attacks on our country.”

Prime Minister Orbán has previously stated that he sees the European Parliament election in 2019 as an opportunity for pro-sovereignty, anti-mass migration parties to sweep away establishment globalists in the mould of Mr Verhofstadt, and change the direction of the EU.

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