British Yellow Vest Who Heckled Pro-EU MP Purged by Facebook, PayPal


James Goddard, leader of the British Yellow Vests who challenged EU loyalist Anna Soubry on the street and branded her a fascist, has been purged from Facebook and PayPal.

Mr Goddard and a small knot of supporters recently approached the Tory MP and her staff near the Palace of Westminster and challenged her about campaigning to stop Britain from leaving the European Union, despite having claimed to accept the result of the 2016 referendum and acknowledging that “Brexit means Brexit” before her Leave-voting constituents re-elected her in 2017.

Ms Soubry complained she felt as though she was in “physical danger” as the boisterous group branded her a “fascist” and “Nazi” and was supported by dozens of fellow MPs in demanding police action against the protestors.

Law enforcement now say they are “assessing if any crimes have been committed” — and Mr Goddard has already been personally purged by both Facebook and payment processing service PayPal, according to the Mirror.

“We have removed James Goddard’s Facebook pages and groups for violating our policies on hate speech. We will not tolerate hate speech on Facebook which creates an environment of intimidation and which may provoke real-world violence,” Facebook told the newspaper.

Goddard defended calling the Tory MP a “Nazi” in a statement released to the Mirror.

“Anna Soubry as well as others have consistently shown themselves willing to fight in favour of vested corporate interests, against the will of the people, and she is now trying to shut down legitimate free speech because it is inconvenient for her,” he claimed.

“This isn’t about one person. Ms Soubry is just a symptom of the problem. But yes, those showing fascist, totalitarian, globalist tendencies should and will be compared to their greatest 20th-century counterparts: the National Socialist Party of Germany.”

Goddard and his compatriots have themselves been described as subscribing to “a type of fascism” by the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, and as “far-right” by media outlets.

The Mirror accused the self-styled Yellow Vest of having shared “a torrent of anti-Islam and anti-immigrant abuse” on Twitter alternative Gab, including a post which stated: “All illegals need deporting ASAP. It’s about time the indigenous people of Great Britain, were put first [sic].”

“I don’t think it is ‘far right’ or ‘extreme’ to suggest the defence of indigenous or native-born people over the rights of new arrivals, especially illegal immigrants,” Goddard told the newspaper.

“Indigenous People’s Day is celebrated for people all around the world, including Native Americans. There’s nothing “far right” about that and they should be allowed — as should we — to be proud of our heritage.”

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