Finns Demand Rapist Migrants Be Deported as More Child Sex Abuse Cases Emerge


Tens of thousands of Finns have demanded a “zero tolerance” approach to third world migrants who commit sex offences, after new cases of foreign men preying on children emerged.

Support for a citizens’ initiative calling for the government to withdraw asylum from migrants found guilty of sex crimes surged over the weekend, attracting over 79,000 signatures in the country of 5.5 million people after news that more foreigners were arrested last week in connection with the rape and abuse of minors.

Finnish prime minister Juha Sipilä said he felt a “deep sense of disgust” upon learning that police in Oulu, a north-western Finnish city and municipality rocked by child sex abuse allegations last month, had opened a probe into four new offences against girls aged between 10 and 15.

“I fully understand that there is shock and concern among members of the public,” he acknowledged, adding: “Our thoughts are with all of the minors and their families [who suffered as a result of] these totally inhuman and reprehensible acts. I cannot understand that level of violence and recklessness.”

Breitbart London has previously reported how Sipilä used his address at New Year to warn citizens that “disseminating hate speech” was a crime following widespread public anger over migrants sexually abusing Finnish children, however.

Three men arrested so far in connection with the latest set of offences in Oulu came from North Africa and the Middle East, local media reports. A total of 16 foreign men are suspected of sexually abusing minors in the city, almost all of whom either entered Finland as illegal immigrants or were shipped into the country through various refugee quota schemes encouraged by the European Union.

On Saturday, there were fears that the phenomena was spreading after police in Helsinki announced they had detained three suspects, “all of whom are foreign-born”, on similar charges to those in Oulu, which related to rape and sexual abuse alleged to have taken place between November 2018 and this month.

In a statement, Finland’s president Sauli Niinistö said the cases “shock us with their inhumanity”, declaring “unacceptable” the fact that “some asylum seekers, and even those who have been granted asylum, have brought evil here and created insecurity”.

Although the citizens’ initiative to withdraw asylum from people who are convicted of sex crime far surpassed the 50,000 signatures required to force lawmakers to look at the issue, imminent elections in Finland mean responsibility for dealing with the petition will fall to the next parliament, according to Reuters, which concedes that the migrant rape scandal “has boosted the support of the anti-immigration, populist The Finns Party”.

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