School Tells Parents if Daughter Wears Hijab, Her Bullying Problem Might Go Away

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Two German parents say were shocked when a school headmaster suggested they make their daughter wear an Islamic headscarf to solve her issues with bullying.

The young fifth-grade girl was the target of alleged bullying by Muslim girls in a Frankfurt school where she was singled out because she has a German-Hebrew name, blonde hair, and does not wear an Islamic headscarf, Bild reports.

The girls’ mother claimed that the girl began developing a fear of going to school and that she had been both verbally and physically attacked by other students.

She added that when she approached the headmaster about the bullying, he told her, “Your daughter does not have to say that she is German. Besides, you can give her a headscarf.”

“We’ve changed schools now and luckily things are going better now,” the mother said.

There have been other recent cases of religious bullying in other schools across Germany. The Bild report also cited one in Bavaria in which a father said his son and daughter came home one day panicked because another child had told them he would cut off their heads because they are Christians.

In Bonn, another mother said her daughter had shared a similar experience saying, “Our daughter and several classmates of the third grade were put under pressure by a classmate. They were threatened with the words, ‘Your parents will burn in hell if they do not believe in Allah’.”

Religious bullying has been especially prevalent in Berlin where many schools have high populations of migrant-background students.

In 2018, a group of Berlin teachers spoke out about religious bullying saying that German students could be bullied for as little as bringing a ham sandwich for their lunch because pork is forbidden in Islam.

The group advocated the Pro Berlin Neutrality Act which backs up existing legislation to ban religious symbols, such as the headscarf, from classrooms to combat religious bullying.

Austria, meanwhile, has implemented a headscarf ban in kindergartens and has been considering similar bans in elementary schools as well.

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