Exclusive: Farage Calls Darroch a ‘Fanatical’ Europhile and ‘Globalist’

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND - MAY 17: Nigel Farage attends a rally with the Brexit Party’s Europ
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Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has said Sir Kim Darroch is a “fanatical” Europhile and a “globalist” who should have been replaced after the Trump victory.

Mr Farage described his first meeting with Sir Kim in 2005 whilst the diplomat was serving as the UK’s ambassador to the European Union, saying within “a few minutes into the conversation, I realised that a civil servant who ought to be politically neutral was a fanatic for building the European Project and the new global order.”

“He is a globalist,” Farage told Breitbart News Network’s editor in chief Alex Marlow on Breitbart News Daily on Friday.

The Brexit Party leader added he was furthermore “astonished” that after the election victory of Donald Trump in 2016 that the British government kept Darroch in place as ambassador in Washington, DC.

“It was obvious there was no way this man was ever going to have any access to either the President or senior members of the administration because he was diametrically opposed to Brexit, the Trump victory, and known to be a friend to the Clintons,” Mr Farage said.

Diplomatic cables leaked on Sunday exposed Sir Kim for having called President Trump “insecure” and his administration “inept”, the comments ultimately resulting in the ambassador’s resignation.

Mr Farage warned of the nature of British career bureaucrats, remarking that “almost the entire British Civil Service has been utterly politicised,” explaining that former Prime Minister Tony Blair had “ultimately pushed them in that direction”.

“They are doing everything they can to frustrate Brexit,” he said, adding: “There is an enormous battle going on in British politics — its the biggest battle in British politics for over 300 years — and it is the people, the ordinary people, who want Brexit to be delivered and the establishment who are trying to prevent it.”

During the interview, Mr Farage drew comparisons between the politicised, pro-Remain British Civil Service and the American Deep State in their endeavours to frustrate the wills of the respective nations’ peoples.

Mr Farage explained that as “much of DC has been out to trip up Donald Trump since day one, the same is happening here: our Civil Service is acting in any way it possibly can to trip up and prevent Brexit. There are similarities and it all goes to show the job of draining the swamp, is an even bigger challenge than winning elections.”

While the Brexit Party leader predicted a 2020 Trump victory, he warned that the Deep State “powerbase” still needs to be dismantled, because “unless we get this reform, unless we drain the swamp, then at some point there will be a different U.S. president, maybe a Labour government in Britain, and we could see all the great advances we have made be overturned by the establishment”.


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